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How We Transfer Your Movie Film Reels

Get DVD & MP4 video: edit & watch your old movies on nearly any digital device.

As low as
15¢ a foot

Movie film transfer sample
Customer Review:
"We could not be happier with the conversion of over 3000 feet of l963-80 8mm movie film to DVD by your firm. The finished DVDs exhibit a higher viewing quality than the original films you converted. A treasured 1963 film was barely viewable using our projector. It now looks like it was shot in 2016!"
Ginny Allen - Auburn, Alabama

Orders over 1,000 feet include 4 DVDs and a Free MP4 video file

At Nostalgic Media we clean, splice and repair any damaged footage. We digitize your movies using a broadcast-grade system; each frame is captured directly from the film surface. A technician monitors and color corrects your film.

  • Pro grade frame-by-frame transfer
  • Your film is cleaned, spliced & repaired
  • Quantity discount pricing
  • 7 day in-lab service
  • Free return shipping: orders over $200
  • Orders over 1000 feet include
    4 DVDs & an MP4 video file
  • Satisfaction guaranteed:  We'll transfer your movies again or give you a refund.
Your original films, reels and boxes are returned along with your digitized media.  Turnaround time is less than seven business days.  Free return shipping on orders over $180.
Movie Film Footage
To DVD Add MP4 File
Up to 1,000 feet 19¢ ft. $10
1,000 - 2,000 ft. 18¢ ft. FREE
2,000 - 4,000 ft. 17¢ ft. FREE
4,000 - 6,000 ft. 16¢ ft. FREE
Over 6,000 feet 15¢ ft. FREE

$30 minimum for film transfer services.

MP4 video: edit & watch your movies on your computer, tablet, smartphone or any modern device.

Measure your movie reels.
Download & print our film & footage guide.

How To Determine Film Reel Sizes

50-foot Reel
A fifty-foot reel will fit
the palm of your hand.
Time: about 3 minutes.
200-foot Reel
A 200-foot reel is about
the size of a CD or DVD. 
Time: about 13 minutes.
400-foot Reel
Remember 45-rpm records?
A 400-ft reel is the same size.
Time: about 26 minutes.



We charge the same price
for all film types.

We transfer 16mm optical sound. Super-8 sound film has a brown magnetic stripe at the edge.

Your boxes may be labeled, "Double 8, 25 feet."  Old 8mm movie cameras used a 25-foot roll of 16mm film. When this film was processed in Kodak's lab, it was slit down the center, becoming two 25-foot film strips, 8 millimeters wide. These strips were then spliced together. The result: 50 feet of film.

You only pay for the film footage that is transferred.
You are not charged for blank footage or film that cannot be digitized. All films, reels and boxes are returned.

Old movie reels often have a footage scale.  If your reel isn't full, the scale can help to estimate how much film is on the reel.