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How We Scan Your Old Negatives

Nostalgic Media brings your negatives back to life. Old formats are a specialty.

As low as
59¢ each

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Customer Review:
"We found about 100 negatives from our wedding (that was 48 years ago!) and sent them to Nostalgic Media based on a friend’s recommendation. Less than a week later they turned them into high quality image scans. The color and clarity are truly amazing! We saved them to my iphone and made 8x10 prints. "
Connie Pruitt - Dallas Texas


We scan old negatives that other labs can't handle. Our scanners are designed for modern films and obsolete formats.

  • High resolution scans
  • Dust & scratch reduction
  • Inverted to a positive image
  • 7 day in-lab service

NOTE: We must scan every frame on a strip of film. You cannot pick individual frames on a film strip. If you have a film size or format that you cannot identify then contact us for more information. Odds are, we can scan your negative.

Negative Film Format Price
35mm Negatives 59¢ a frame
Old Consumer Formats 95¢ a frame
Professional 120 films $2.25 a frame
Large format (4x5, 3x4) $4 each
Minox, Miniature, Widelux $2.25 a frame
Kodak Disc Film $30 a disc
Enhanced Color Correction $1 each frame

Negatives are returned in glassine envelopes
$30 minimum charge for all scanning services.


Negatives Color and Black and White Comparison

Color negatives are brown.
Black & white negatives are grey tones.

35mm Film
35mm has sprocket holes
on both edges.
Up to 2400 DPI
59¢ each frame.

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Consumer Color, Black & White
Mass market film. Various sizes
spanning 100+ years.
Up to 3200 DPI
95¢ each frame.

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Professional 120 Formats
2.25 inches wide, used by pros for weddings, events, portraits, etc.
Up to 3300 DPI
$2.25 each frame.

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Large Format
4x5 inch sheet film
Look for notches on the edge
Up to 2000 DPI
$4 each frame.

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Kodak Disc Film
15 negatives on a disc
Each frame is scanned
Up to 2000 DPI
$30 a disc.

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