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Photo Album Scanning

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How We Scan Scrapbooks & Photo Albums

Nostalgic Media Scans Photo Albums

With our custom-built scanner, your photo albums are digitized without removing the pictures.

as low as
$5 a page

Nostalgic Media makes it easy to scan your photo albums and scrapbooks.  No need to remove the photos or take your album apart. Our custom built scanner is designed to remove reflections and glare--even album pages with clear plastic covers. You’ll get high resolution scans from each album page.  We can also crop and isolate each photo on the page.

  • Your albums are returned intact
  • High resolution glare-free scans
  • Each page scanned by hand
  • Custom cropping available
Photo Albums & Scrapbooks
Scan each page side, no cropping
$5 a side
Scan page side, crop each photo
$9 a side
Minimum charge for album scans
NOTE: Maximum page size for
albums & scrapbooks:  17 x 17 inches.


Our Scanner Eliminates Glare & Reflections

Our scanner is designed to digitize albums with clear plastic sleeves.
A typical clear sleeve album page.
Notice the reflection.
Our illumination system removes reflections and glare.
Every picture on the album page can be isolated, cropped and stored as separate digital photos.

Customer Review:
"I brought a box full of old scrapbooks and photo albums to Nostalgic Media. I was skeptical that they could scan the albums without removing the pictures. Wow, was I surprised! The quality is amazing--better than anything I expected.  The best thing is that they did it all in house and had everything ready the next week."

Julie Wilson - Atlanta