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Free Return Shipping: Orders Over $200

30+ Years Of Experience

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At Nostalgic Media we have more than 30 years experience in audio conversion. Your tapes and records are carefully recorded to CD & MP3 digital files. A technician will monitor your audio during the transfer. We clean your records to help eliminate noise.

  • Fast 7 business day turnaround (December excluded)
  • Audio CD & MP3 digital file included
  • Audio monitored during process
  • All tapes, reels and records are returned to you
  • Free return shipping: Orders over $200

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If you are unsure of your quantities, give it your best guess and we will correct any issues once we receive your order. We can contact you for additional payment or issue a refund if needed.

Questions? Call us: (404) 844-3840 - Toll free: (888) 612-2370

IMPORTANT: Once you are ready to add items to your cart, only click the 'ADD TO CART' button once. Once you have finished adding your options to your cart, scroll down the page and click the 'VIEW CART' button to begin the checkout process.

Cassette Tapes

60 Minute Cassette Tape - $35 each
We copy both sides of the cassette tape. You get an audio CD and an MP3 digital file.
Over 60 Minute Cassette Tape - $45 each
We copy both sides of the cassette tape. You get an audio CD and an MP3 digital file.


Micro-cassettes - $45 each
We copy both sides of the cassette tape. You get an audio CD and an MP3 digital file.

Reel-to-Reel Tape

Reel-to-Reel Tape - $45 each + $20/hr of audio
You get an audio CD and MP3 digital file.

33, 45 & 78 Records

33, 45 & 78 Records - $35 each
We copy both sides of your record. You get an audio CD and MP3 digital file.

Storage Options

Add Extra CD Copies - $5 each
Enter the total number of extra copies you need.

Add USB Flash Drive - $15 each
By default, your MP3 digital files will be stored on a data CD.

Questions? Call Us - In Atlanta: (404) 844-3840 - Toll free: (888) 612-2370

How It Works


Complete your order online, print our order form, or order our ship-it-safe box to get started. Pack your box with your media and ship it to us. Not comfortable shipping? No problem! You can drop your media off in person at our lab in Atlanta.


Once we receive your order, we will call to let you know it arrived safely and to discuss your order with you. Your memories are all then digitized at our lab here in Atlanta, GA by our skilled technicians.


In just 7 short business days or less, your newly digitized memories are ready to be shipped back out to you, or ready to be picked up at our lab, for you and your family to enjoy.

"Outstanding service!!! Pricing was very fair vs others. I strongly recommend this store. We converted a lot of movies to DVD and are thrilled with the results!" - John Schroeder
"High quality products and fast service. Excellent customer service. They also have a ton of options to choose from. Highly recommend!!" - Tahmeed Hossain
"Best photo and film conversion/digitization place around! Save your old family images. They do a great job, locally." - Bo Alexander
"Found them from a Google search. So glad I did. Took over 1200 slides in to be converted to jpg. Wow, what an awesome job and the folks there are just so nice." - Doug Meadows

Need A Shipping Box?

Get a box and round-trip shipping for $39

Need a box to ship your old memories? We'll send a big (12" x 12" x 12") heavy-duty box to your door. Open it up, pack your items, fill out the order form and send it back to us. Here's what you get:

  • A double-wall box filled with packing material, instructions & order form.
  • Round-trip shipping with a UPS return label (to ship back to us) and a tracking number; know your package location at any time.
  • FREE BOX: If your order exceeds $400 and you send it within 30 days, you'll get a credit of $39.

Attach the prepaid return label and get your package to a UPS store or any other shipping provider that handles UPS.