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About Us

It started over 50 years ago.

My first camera:
an Anscoflex II
It all began in 1963; that's when my dad gave me a camera. I was five years old. I grew up in a photo lab and I’ve always loved photography.

In the 1960's, my father started a processing lab that served professional photographers for nearly forty years. Back then, if you hired a pro to shoot your portrait or wedding, there’s a chance that the photos were printed in his lab.


I started a film and video production company in 1989. Over the years, we created more than 2,000 commercials, television programs and corporate videos. Clients include Turner Broadcasting, Discovery Networks, Eastman Kodak, Hewlett-Packard and Ford Motor Company.

We are specialists in old media.  Your images digitized at our lab in Atlanta.

Today, we specialize in archiving old media: movie films, videotapes, slides, negatives and photos. Everything is done in-house with skilled hands and trained eyes. At Nostalgic Media, you get the benefit of over fifty years of expertise. All of our technicians have a solid background in film processing, photography and broadcast television. Turnaround time: seven days in lab.

Movie reels cleaned & spliced
We inspect each item
Up to 4,000 dpi slide scans


Equipment we can't buy, we invent.

We are always searching for better techniques, tools and hardware. Equipment we can’t buy, we invent. Georgia Tech is just down the road, so we hired a couple of incredibly sharp engineers. They’ve designed and built many of our computers and scanning systems. That’s how we can digitize old film and video formats that no other lab would dare touch.

Got a question? Call us:  888.612.2370

Not familiar with films, videos and scanning? Pick up the phone and talk to a technician. We'll explain it simply and help you understand how easy it is to archive your memories.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We guarantee our work. Not happy? We’ll scan your images again. Still not happy? We’ll refund your money.

Keith Burnett