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We've Been Saving Memories For 27 Years

Customer Review:
"I recently had my old VCR videos and pictures transferred to DVD's. Entrusting these items that held so many precious memories to a stranger could have been difficult had it not been for the genuine caring and respect the people at Nostalgic Media showed. I now have the completed DVD's and copies for safe keeping. I am very thankful for the caring, professional work. I am more than satisfied."
Michelle Wright - Tennessee

Customer Review:

"Nostalgic Media recently digitized two and one half hours of my 50 year old amateurish movie films of my family's early years. This company is staffed with experts who corrected and edited the films into a treasure of memories. I can't overstate their expertise."
Jon Griggs - Georgia

Customer Review:
"We had a bunch old video tapes and needed to convert to DVD. Searched online, Nostalgic Media had very good deal for converting multiple tapes. We ordered and paid online, shipped our tapes the next day. 5 days later, we got all the tapes and DVDs back, all of them converted. Very easy transaction, and we are very happy!"
Vickie Watson - North Carolina

Customer Review:
"We took several boxes of old snapshots to Nostalgic Media for their bulk scanning deal. We are more than satisfied! They had all of our photos scanned in just a few days. Nice to know that they do everything in-house and don't ship it out. Our scans look great and it was easy to make extra copies of the flash drives for the family."
Hal Thurston - Georgia

Customer Review:

"We found about 100 negatives from our wedding (that was 48 years ago!) and sent them to Nostalgic Media based on a friend’s recommendation. Less than a week later they turned them into high quality image scans. The color and clarity are truly amazing! We saved them to my iphone and made 8x10 prints."
Connie Pruitt - Dallas Texas

Movie film transfer sample

Customer Review:

"We could not be happier with the conversion of over 3000 feet of l963-80 8mm movie film to DVD by your firm. The finished DVDs exhibit a higher viewing quality than the original films you converted. A treasured 1963 film was barely viewable using our projector. It now looks like it was shot in 2016!"
Ginny Allen - Auburn, Alabama

Customer Review:
"I had several reel to reels to transfer to DVD and I didn't really want to go through Walmart to do it having visited 2 stores and neither stores employee's were trained on how to do the service. Found these guys online and based on most reviews I went for it. The first "test" was how quick they responded back to my initial email with questions-I was impressed, I got an almost immediate response back with the info I needed so I shipped them off and waited..they quoted me a 5 day turn around time to process once reels received. I was impressed that they were true to there word. I got them back in the quick time frame they stated that I would. "
Debra Sims - Florida

Customer Review:
"Recently we had 20,000 feet of 8mm movie film (year 1957 & newer) and 13 VCR tapes transferred to DVD by Nostalgic Media. They offered a good price and showed concern for the care and safety of our items. All the work was done on site and was completed on time, exactly as we requested and in a careful and caring manner. We were very well satisfied and would recommend them to anyone. "
Mack & Judy - Georgia

Customer Review:
"Had videos and slides I needed transferred and they did an outstanding job. Better than a previous place I had been to. Product was outstanding. My slides were from the 50's from my parents and they look great. Now I can share them with my kids! Outstanding service!"
Stephanie Halversen - Orlando Florida