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How We Scan Your Old Slides

Nostalgic Media Slide Scans to 4000 dpi

Slide scans to 4000 DPI: cleaned for dust & color corrected. Quantity discount pricing.

As low as
35¢ a slide

Customer Review:
"Had videos and slides I needed transferred and they did an outstanding job. Better than a previous place I had been to. Product was outstanding. My slides were from the 50's from my parents and they look great. Now I can share them with my kids! Outstanding service!"
Stephanie Halversen - Orlando Florida

With our high resolution scans, your slides will look great on a monitor, LCD projector and make a quality 11x14 print. So you have slides in carousels?  No problem!  Your slides will be kept in the carousels and returned to you.

  • High resolution: to 4,000 dpi
  • Dust & scratch reduction
  • We orient & color correct each slide
  • Quantity discount pricing
  • No extra charge for slides in carousels

Standard slides are in mounts 2 inches square


Quantities: 2x2 slides Price
Up to 500 slides 39¢ a slide
500 to 1,000 38¢ a slide
1,000 to 2,500 37¢ a slide
2,500 to 5,000
36¢ a slide
Over 5,000 slides
35¢ a slide
Special Format Slides 95¢ a slide
Add 30% for slides in metal holders or binder sleeves.
$30 minimum charge for all scanning services.

Have Slides In Kodak Carousels?

Don't worry. Leave your slides in their carousels when you send them to us and enjoy special discounted pricing!

All scans
29¢ a slide

We Scan Special Format Slides

Nostalgic Media scans old & obscure slide formats that no other lab would dare touch.

As low as
95¢ a slide




 "Super Slide"

110 & Minox

Agfa/Leitz Slides

Glass & Metal Slides


Stereo Slide

6x6 Medium Format