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Slide Scanning to Digital

We digitize your slides for as little as 38¢ each

Fast 7 Business Day Turnaround

High Resolution 4,000 DPI Scans

Questions? Give us a call: (404) 844-3840 - Toll free: (888) 612-2370

FREE Flash Drive: 800+ Slides

All Work Done In-House

The best way to convert your aging slides to digital

No matter the age of your slides, we scan your images to high quality jpeg files, allowing you to view your most precious memories on any modern device, or make high quality prints. With our custom built scanners, we can handle old and obscure slide formats that no other lab would touch. Your high resolution slide scans will look great on a monitor, LCD projector, and even as prints up to 11x14 in size. Our skilled technicians handle your slides with care, gently cleaning them of dust and other surface impurities. Your slides are all then carefully scanned, oriented and color corrected.

Your slides are safe with us. We do all work by hand at our lab here in Atlanta, GA. In just 7 short business days or less, your slides are returned back to you for you and your family to enjoy once again.

Transparent pricing

Only pay for the slides that we are able to convert. Use the pricing chart to find out how much it will cost to convert your slides. No hidden costs, just everyday low pricing to convert your memories.

Questions? Give us a call today for more information: (404) 844-3840.

Slide Quantity Price

71 or less


72 - 500

$0.42¢ each

500 - 1,000

$0.41¢ each

1,000 - 2,500

$0.40¢ each

2,500 - 5,000

$0.39¢ each


$0.38¢ each

Special Format Slides
(scroll down to see formats)

$0.95¢ each

Separate Slides Into Folders

$5 per folder

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $30 minimum for all slide scanning services. Orders of 800+ slides come with a FREE flash drive. Order with less than 800 slides are stored on a data DVD. Extra DVD copies are $5 each. USB flash drives start at $15 each. Slides in metal holders or binder sleeves will incur an additional 30% handling charge.

Scanning Resolution

We scan your slides at 4,000 DPI. That is more than enough if you are planning to print your images out or to make enlargements. What exactly is DPI? DPI stands for Dots (of ink) Per Inch. To put it simply, the more dots per inch, the sharper the image.

"Outstanding service!!! Pricing was very fair vs others. I strongly recommend this store. We converted a lot of movies to DVD and are thrilled with the results!" - John Schroeder
"High quality products and fast service. Excellent customer service. They also have a ton of options to choose from. Highly recommend!!" - Tahmeed Hossain
"Best photo and film conversion/digitization place around! Save your old family images. They do a great job, locally." - Bo Alexander
"Found them from a Google search. So glad I did. Took over 1200 slides in to be converted to jpg. Wow, what an awesome job and the folks there are just so nice." - Doug Meadows

Slides We Can Convert

Below are the slide formats that we can convert. Not sure if we can convert your slides? Give us a call today for more information: (404) 844-3840.

Standard slides are in mounts that are 2 inches square

Special Format Slides

Please Note: Special format slides are $0.95¢ each to scan.

"Super Slide"

110 & Minox


Glass & Metal


Medium Format

All Work Done By Hand

What You Get

30+ years of experience included

High Resolution Scans

We scan your slides at up to 4,000 dpi. With that resolution, your slides will look great on a monitor, LCD projector, and even make a quality 11x14 print.

Surface Dust Reduction

Our technicians clean your slides by hand for dust before they are scanned.

Oriented & Color Corrected

Your slides are oriented and color corrected by our technicians, so you don't have to.

No Extra Charge For Carousels

Have slides in Kodak carousels? No need to worry! We can scan your slides without removing them from the carousels.

Your Slides Are Returned

If your slides are in Kodak carousels, they will be kept in the carousels and returned to you. Any loose slides will be returned in our acid free archival boxes.

Personal Care & Attention

Our technicians are available to answer any questions you may have about your order. Need to add extra copies? We're just a phone call away.

Carefully Preserved By Skilled Technicians

How It Works


Complete your order online, print our order form, or order our ship-it-safe box to get started. Pack your box with your media and ship it to us. Not comfortable shipping? No problem! You can drop your media off in person at our lab in Atlanta.


Once we receive your order, we will call to let you know it arrived safely and to discuss your order with you. Your memories are all then digitized at our lab here in Atlanta, GA by our skilled technicians.


In just 7 short business days or less, your newly digitized memories are ready to be shipped back out to you, or ready to be picked up at our lab, for you and your family to enjoy.


Will you send my slides back?

YES! Everything you send us to be archived will be sent back to you. Loose slides will be returned in our own white, archival boxes. Slides in Kodak carousels will be returned in the same carousels. If the carousels are not Kodak, these slides will have to be removed.

Can you create a slideshow from my slides?

Unfortunately, no, we cannot create slideshows. Your slides will be scanned in as jpeg files, which are compatible with any slideshow making software or websites.

Can you make prints from my slides?

No, we do not do any type of printing here. Once we have digitized your slides, you can make prints from the files at home or at another printing facility.
Can you scan my slides in the order that I indicate?
Yes, if you organize your slides in clearly numbered groups, we will do our best to scan them in that sequence. Please note that damaged and special format slides must be scanned separately and could affect the scanning sequence.

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