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Convert Videotapes to DVD & Flash Drive

The safest way to preserve your aging videotape memories for as low as $8 per tape

Convert Videotapes to DVD & Flash Drive

The safest way to preserve your aging videotape memories for as low as $8 per tape

- Trusted By Over 25,000 Families And Organizations -
30+ years of experience
Converted in-house in Atlanta, GA
7 business day turnaround
100% satisfaction guaranteed

Tapes We Can Convert


about 7 inches wide

about 3.5 inches wide
Hi-8, 8mm
about 4 inches wide
about 3 inches wide
3/4 U-Matic
about 8.5 inches wide
add $15 per tape
Beta, Betamax
about 6 inches wide
add $15 per tape
Tape Quantity DVD Only DVD & Digital File





$15 ea

$19 ea


$14 ea

$18 ea


$13 ea

$17 ea


$12 ea

$16 ea


$11 ea

$15 ea


$10 ea

$14 ea


$9 ea

$13 ea


$8 ea

$12 ea

PLEASE NOTE: Add $15 for special tape formats: PAL/SECAM, Beta, 3/4 U-Matic. We cannot transfer copyrighted material.

What You Get

Separate DVDs

To ensure the highest possible quality transfer, each of your tapes are transferred to their own, archival grade DVD.

Digital Files Stored to USB

When you add MP4 digital files to your order of 5 tapes or more, your files are stored on a USB flash drive for free.

No Money Wasted

You only pay for the tapes that we are able to transfer. No charge for blank or too damaged tapes.

Quantity Discount Pricing

We keep our pricing simple and transparent. The more tapes you have, the more you save.

Your Tapes Returned

No need to worry about what happens to your tapes after they have been digitized. Everything you send us will be sent back to you.

Personal Care & Attention

Have a question about our services? Our technicians are just a phone call away.

View & Edit On Your Computer

MP4 digital files allow you to store and view your home movies on modern digital devices, such as your computer, tablet and even your phone. MP4 video also allows you to edit your movies on your computer. Order MP4 digital files with your videotape transfer to future proof your memories. Learn more about the benefits of MP4 video.

Don't Wait To Transfer Your Aging Videos

Tapes are subject to signal loss and damage. Transfer equipment is no longer made and spare parts are becoming scarce. Someday, there won't be any way to digitize your old tapes. The best time to preserve your tapes is now before it becomes too late. Learn more about videotape shelf life and formats.

How It Works


Complete your order online or print our order form to get started. Pack your box with your media and ship it to us. Not comfortable shipping? No problem! You can drop your media off in person at our lab in Atlanta.


Once we receive your order, we will call to let you know it arrived safely and to discuss your order with you. Your memories are all then digitized at our lab here in Atlanta, GA by our skilled technicians.


In just 7 short business days or less, your newly digitized memories are ready to be shipped back out to you, or ready to be picked up at our lab, for you and your family to enjoy.

Let Us Digitize Your Memories Today

We know you probably have piles and piles of old video tapes sitting in your attic, slowly degrading and taking your memories with them. The truth is, the older that videotapes get, the more likely problems are to arise. Shedding, tape wear and signal loss are just some of the common issues that make it harder to preserve the memories stored on your tapes.

Our videotape to DVD transfer service takes your VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Hi8/Digital8/8mm tapes and more, and converts them to archival grade DVDs and MP4 digital files to be viewed and stored on modern digital devices such as a computer, phone or tablet.

Each of your tapes are carefully transferred to their own separate DVD. If you want to be able to edit your videos, or save them to your computer or other digital devices, order MP4 digital files with your tapes and be prepared for the future.

Your videotapes are safe with us. We do all work by hand at our lab here in Atlanta, GA. In just 7 short business days or less, your tapes are returned to you for you and your family to enjoy once again.

What Our Customers Say

"Thank you so much. The service was incredibly fast from start to finish. Very easy, informative website with upfront total pricing; super easy to order online. I sent in 5 VHS tapes from about 20 years ago. Nostalgic Media delivered what they promised and all originals were returned promptly and in great condition. Thank you very much, I highly recommend your services!"

- Monica M

The Safest Way To Preserve Your Memories. Period.

Did you know that some other media preservation companies ship your memories out to low wage countries to have converted? It's true.

Not us. We do all work right here in the United States at our lab located in Atlanta, GA. Your media never leaves our sight, so you can rest easy knowing your memories are safe at every step of the conversion process.